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Alex was in town from California and dropped by to get a sweet tiger tattoo. what a great walk-in! Thanks Alex.

Also, My solo show at the Whisky Bar is up for just a little while longer before I am joined by my co-workers for the UTN group show starting on “Third Thursday”, the Belltown art-walk. Make sure to check out both!

sparrows in a storm

Hannya and cherry blossoms

Finished up this Hanya mask from a while back.

Anchor on Foot

Anchor by Chris Adams  by UndertheNeedle
Anchor by Chris Adams , a photo by UndertheNeedle on Flickr.

Joseph was in town from California and came in to get this anchor on his foot. It’s always nice to get walk-ins like this. Thanks Joseph!

Artshow at the Whisky Bar!

My art show starts Thursday, December 15th at 7pm

at Whisky Bar, 2000 2nd Ave, seattle

In other news, the Under the Needle website has been updated and now includes my portfolio. Check it out!

shark chest piece by Chris Adams

Here’s the shark and water chest piece done at Under the Needle Tattoo

The Black Sea & Beyond

In less than 36 hours …

I will be enjoying the Black Sea with my sweetheart.
Genova was nice, but it’s time to move on.

In the future…

You can find me at Rex Mundi Tattoo in Copenhagen.
August 8 – August 15
Tell your Danish friends all about it!


and after that…

I will be tattooing at No Pain No Brain Tattoo in Berlin.
In the basement of White Trash Fast Food.
September 1st – September 12th

Tell your German friends all about it!


Some Sketching to Keep Me Happy

Hannya w/ Snake & Cherry Blossoms

Hint : This would be a really fun back piece.

Koi Half-Sleeve Sketch

Come and get it!
Currently a guest at Pinker Tattoo in Genova, Italy.


Location: Salita San Leonardo, 2R
Phone: +390108685267

A Few From Rome

May 2011

not a great photo ... my bad