'get some'


Artshow at the Whisky Bar!

My art show starts Thursday, December 15th at 7pm

at Whisky Bar, 2000 2nd Ave, seattle

In other news, the Under the Needle website has been updated and now includes my portfolio. Check it out!


Some Sketching to Keep Me Happy

Hannya w/ Snake & Cherry Blossoms

Hint : This would be a really fun back piece.

Koi Half-Sleeve Sketch

Come and get it!
Currently a guest at Pinker Tattoo in Genova, Italy.


Location: Salita San Leonardo, 2R
Phone: +390108685267

Stretching Out

In Bloom

New flash inspired by the beauty at the EuroFlora exhibition

Whilst I am not Tattooing …

. . .

Time Crunch

Working on a new business card to be done in a hurry. 

Warm-Up Complete

Warming Up

Location : Genova
Weather : Perfect
Condition : Jet lag fading
Activities : Minor sight-seeing & lots of eating

Working on a painting tonight to warm up the hands.